Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Invited / Award Lecture

Acceleration of New Medicines with “Discovery Process Research” at Janssen

D. J. Pippel1
1Janssen Research & Development L.L.C. 3210 Merryfield Row, San Diego, California 92121, United States -

Janssen has established a “Discovery Process Research” group at the interface between Medicinal Chemistry and Process Chemistry. The group’s activities are concentrated in three areas: 1) development of new chemistry in the discovery lead-optimization space to enable and inspire structure-activity relationship profiling; 2) a traditional role of meeting material demands for tolerability studies in advance of development candidate declaration; and 3) acceleration of new candidates into Phase 1 clinical trials through early investment in route scouting to provide a line of sight for first multi-kg GMP batches. With a focus on recent advances in the field, application of High-Throughput Experimentation, and a mandate to deliver impactful chemical solutions, the group is producing exciting new methods with relevance to Pharma and beyond. The talk will highlight recent efforts and impact.